Art Chara s Genocide

art Chara s Genocide

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The monsters at the shelters were Praying for their lives, they hoped the giant girl wouldn't come near. The girl was just simply too big to beat.
DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art THAT MAY ANGER THE FANDOM; PARTICULARLY FANS OF GENOCIDE CHARA. art Chara s Genocide Still, she ran to the flowers, without thinking pretty much everthing. They were unable to breathe because of the heat, they all felt like they art Chara s Genocide four-degree burns on every part of their body. It felt very painful, and that's when she decided to rip just a small SBD. Monster food would instantly be absorbed into the consumer's body when one ate it, but human food worked as a physical matter, and would later have to be passed through the body. But Chara wouldn't simply let him go like that.

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She knew it wouldn't take long for Chara to reach Hotla. Jack stopped again on his climb down, taking a breather. It was her baby, and she looked like a miniature version of the woman. But monsters did not fart. She had a new objective, to fill every part of the undergound with her farts. Which meant they had to sniff in the stench that was getting thousands time worse every day.
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